Pinter’s Violin Shop

I had a great time learning about and photographing some of the most precious instruments I have ever seen at Pinter’s Violin Shop in Chicago. Run by Laszlo Pinter, he took over his father’s business as one of Chicago’s (and the world’s) premier violin makers. Now Pinter’s Violin Shop focuses on restoration of high quality violins. More info at

The Meeting of the Vang and Hake Families, for The Wisconsin Farms Oral History Project

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Vang C&C Farm in Jefferson, WI and photograph the meeting of the original land owning family, the Hakes, and the current farmers Chia and Cheu Vang.

The Vang’s emigrated to the United States from Laos during the Vietnam War and were the first certified organic Hmong farmers in Wisconsin. They tend to their farm of traditional asian fruits and vegetables all on their own and sell at local farmers markets.

The meeting of the two families brought up conversation about the land’s history and planned future. The Hakes were happy with the work the Vangs had done.

Shot on assignment for The Wisconsin Farms Oral History Project.

Donald Trump at Foxconn

I had the opportunity to photograph President Donald Trump at Foxconn’s groundbreaking event in Racine, WI. After getting all the necessary security clearances, it was an all-around crazy day being escorted by secret service officers as Trump toured the facility and made his speech.  


I am so excited to be part of this two-person show with Ethan Rafal at Gallerie Kenilworth opening on June 14th! “West” was curated by Aryn Kresol and explores how the American west has been explored through the medium of photography. More info here.

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