Donald Trump at Foxconn

I had the opportunity to photograph President Donald Trump at Foxconn’s groundbreaking event in Racine, WI. After getting all the necessary security clearances, it was an all-around crazy day being escorted by secret service officers as Trump toured the facility and made his speech.  


I am so excited to be part of this two-person show with Ethan Rafal at Gallerie Kenilworth opening on June 14th! “West” was curated by Aryn Kresol and explores how the American west has been explored through the medium of photography. More info here.

Hearth Restaurant

Some mouth-watering new shots taken of Hearth Restaurant in Evanston, IL on assignment for Samantha Crafton PR. Shots to be included in North Shore Magazine’s feature on Hearth’s kitchen-side chef’s table. 

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